Monday, June 9, 2008

Our children learn from us

Some of you know that I have recently started to read and do the study by Stormie Omartian; Power of a Praying Parent. I have been working on it for about 3 weeks now and God has been showing me what to work on in my life and also in how I raise Corey. What I am teaching him and the example I am setting for him and the habits I teach him that will make an impact on the rest of his life.

I was raised in a Christian family, we went to church on Sundays and we prayed at home, but we didn't have daily habits of reading the bible and doing devotions or a study of any kind. I have worked on and off in my adult life to try to focus on daily habits of this nature at home, but it has been challenging as a parent to do this sometimes. There are always distractions, if I let them be there.

God began to point out to me that I need to be daily working with Corey on a his bible and praying with him more than I currently do. I prayed that God would give me the push to do this daily with Corey in addition to daily doing my own time with God. I realize if I would have had this when I was a young child, I would have the habits already set in me from a young age. Instead, I struggle as an adult to stick to the daily time with God. So now I know that it is extremly important to help Corey set his habits now for his future when he will make his own choices when he is older.

I prayed about how I should be going about doing this with Corey so it would be successful and something that he would also gets in a habit of doing and want to do. So we have started to think outside of the box! Today we had a lot of fun with Corey's bible story! He brought me his guitar - it is a First Act guitar and it is for learning to play, but I have no musical ability -lol. I already knew that this would be fun even with my horrible singing and lack of guitar playing abilities. But it is beautiful music to the Lord because we are singing for Him and about Him. Corey also loves music, so it was great fun in that aspect too. I already had Corey's bible, so I sang the whole bible story and played the guitar while doing it. Corey was so excited and we talked and sang about the story afterwards.

I look forward to more fun learning adventures with Corey. I find I learned something from it too and there is great joy that comes from helping our children learn about God.

Some more ideas of what we do; singing songs about Jesus while he is taking a bath, doing our songs with sign language when he is swinging at the playground, take him on a prayer walk and teaching him how to pray for what he sees around him and thanking God for the pretty trees and the birds that are singing, etc.

I challenge you to start working daily with your children on reading their bibles and praying and thinking outside of the box!


Lmpreiss said...

Oh Michelle you are so right!! I've been thinking I should do that with Lorelei too. I even have a book called "Little visits for Toddlers" that I bought a long time ago and have never sat down with her. Things just seem to get in the way of taking that time - and I know we shouldn't let other things get in the way!! However, knowing something and doing something are usually two different things.

Thanks for the challenge! I am going to work on spending quality God time with her!!

Stacia said...

I have the same problem Michelle and its nice to know that I am not the only Mom who struggles with this; I know that I need to do this with my children but life gets in the way and I let it stop me.