Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summertime Blues

By: Stephanie

So I know that summertime is intended to be full of easy days filled with fun. So why do I feel like I'm barely treading water.

I was thinking today that beside holidays, summer is probably the worst time for families during a deployment. There isn't the structure and busy-ness of school to keep everyone occupied. The days are definitely longer making it harder to keep little ones entertained. My dearest friend and I were discussing things that help keep kids happy and in return moms are happier too.

Summertime fun activites:
1. Take a walk. Take this time to reflect on God's creation. Talk to your kids about the things they see and hear.

2. Take a trip to the community pool or let the kids play in the sprinkler! This is always a big way to keep your children happy. (Not to mention, it's good at wearing them out!)

3. Visit your local library. Most libraries have summer reading programs with rewards. Even if your local library doesn't offer these type of programs, what's to say you can't offer your children rewards for reading!

4. Plan a special outing once a week. It could be to the park or even to their favorite fast food restaurant (with a playland, of course). Anything to get them out of the house into different surroundings is always nice. Kids get cabin fever, too!

5. Encourage playdates. Call up a friend and see if they would like to come over for coffee and let the children play. Not only does it give the kids someone different to play with, you have someone with whom to have an adult conversation. We all NEED that!!

I think it is very important not to wish away the summer (I am very guilty of that)! There is this song that I love. Some of the lyrics say, "Let them be little, 'cause there only that way for a while." That is so true. We need to enjoy our kids' summers because it won't be long before they are too old to want to be with us or are completely out of the house. Summertime doesn't have to be dreaded. It can and should be ENJOYED!

Happy Summer!!

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