Friday, July 25, 2008

This is the Time

As I sat here listening to the song from Micheal W. Smith called " This is the Time" I thought about the last 2 years and the 18 months of the 2 years that we've been without my husband in the home.
The time my daughter needed her father for a father/ daughter dance for her senior year in high school. the time my son micah needed his dad to teach him how to march and salute for his Civil Air Patrol squadron and the time my youngest needed his dad to show him how to hit a ball with a bat. Things normal dads can be there for, many of our men miss.
I can go through the list of missed things over the years, but This is the Time! The time my husband's home and enjoy's my kids life, teaches my son finally how to march, dance's with my daughter in the middle of the living room with it all dolled up like a dance floor just for her. And just last night my husband out showing my little Elijah how to hit a ball. This is the Time! for my children to soak up their time with dad.
As military families sometimes it seems that time between is so little. We must look at the time we do have, rejoice in what is given and use what we got. Our kids learn what life is about, and how important family is by the way we use the time that is given when the service member is home.
So if your waiting for your husband again, or sitting right next to him at this very moment. Use every moment as if it was the last. Use every moment as a precious gift from God. Don't waste it on arguing and fussing at each other. Allow the time to be used toward growth as a family, toward love to each other and toward time not wasted. THIS IS THE TIME...

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